Funk Parade, Deloitte Digital, and Alex Braden have partnered up and announced the joint release of “Boombox,” an innovative free iPhone app that syncs users’ phones into a powerful funk-driven marching band.  


Join the Boombox Brigade in this year's Funk Parade! All you need is the Boombox app, which will sync with everyone else in the Brigade to create one awesome soundtrack. Just download the app, bring a speaker if you have one, and meet at the parade starting point at the Howard Theater at 3:30 PM on May 7th.

Here's DC Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Kokayi explaining how it works to Torie Partridge of Cherry Blossom Creative:


The Boombox project is a collaboration among Funk Parade, a volunteer team of developers and designers at Deloitte Digital, and DC-based composer and sound artist Alex Braden.

The concept for the app was inspired by a void in last year’s parade, according to co-founder, Chris Naoum. “While the festival was amazing I felt that there were large portions of the parade that did not have enough music.  Maybe this was because not everyone can play an instrument and every person with an individual speaker playing their own music would sound crazy.”  With that thought in mind, Chris connected with local DC artist Alex Braden.  Their goal was to engage a larger portion of the crowd to “put the music in their hands and make them (the crowd) part of the creative fabric of the parade.” 

That’s when the Funk Parade team partnered with a group of developers at Deloitte Digital. The concept was a mobile app that is free, simple and would connect parade participants through music. The app consists of eight unique boomboxes, each playing a unique section of Braden’s composition, with visuals designed by Deloitte Digital artists.  All of the tracks automatically sync up with each other and any combination of tracks played at the same time will create a unique and funky jam. A pair of users can cycle through the eight combinations of instruments, “remixing” the composition as they like; and eight or more users could collaborate to enjoy the entire mix of instruments and funk. 

“Engaging attendees in the day’s experiences has always been central to the event,” said Justin Rood, Funk Parade co-founder. “This isn’t a spectacle to watch, it’s a celebration to join.” The parade is participatory, and all are encouraged to join in,” says Rood. “Bring your funk and put it all out on the street. It’s what the Funk Parade is all about.”