Saturday May 11th
10am - 2pm
U Street Music Hall - 1115 U St NW

This year, Funk Parade introduced a morning conference, curating meaningful conversations about initiatives that affect the DC landscape. This year’s conference took place at U Street Music Hall, and was centered on the #DontMuteDC movement, tackling many of DC’s cultural, artistic, housing, and social issues. The conference was free and featured musicians, council members, government officials and local activists. The #DontMuteDC Conference had four tracks:

  • DontMuteDC: The Movement (A conversation about social justice and the birth of the #DontMuteDC Movement)

  • DontMuteDC: The Culture (A conversation about the vehicles by which the #DontMuteDC took shape - music, art, history, expressiveness - and why they are key to DC’s ephemeral fabric)

  • DontMuteDC: The People ("We All Count, presented by DC Office of Planning”)

  • DontMuteDC: The Housing (A conversation about responsible development, affordable housing, and displacement).