Intergalactic Inter-generation Station



Hosted by DC Public Library

1330 V St NW

Noon - 5:00pm

The DC Public Library, 7 Drum City, Indie Love Enterprises, Friends of Harrison Rec and some amazing performers are teaming up with Funk Parade to host our Intergalactic Inter-generation Station.  Don your favorite space suit or your classiest Future Funk Robot attire and come ready to create, learn and dance with the entire family.  Stop by and learn from your favorite drummer, dance with some of the best youth ensembles and build the Funk costume you plan on wearing in the Parade.

Performance Schedule:

  • 12 pm Sticks+Bars Youth Marimba Ensemble
  • 12:45pm PanLara Youth Steel Orchestra
  • 1:30pm “In the Pocket”: a go-go conga Masterclass with host, Black Pooh of Junkyard Band, and featuring Keith "Hot Sauce" Robinson of Backyard Band, Sean "Moolie" Frye of Uncalled 4 Band, and Marcus "Spook" Duckett of New Impressionz Band
  • 2:15pm  Rhythm Prep for Kid’s Funk Parade with 7DrumCity
  • 2:30 - Kid’s Funk Parade (led by 7DrumCity to join the Funk Parade)
  • 4:00 - Funk Parade HS Marching Band Battle

Other Activities From 12:00pm - 3:00pm

  • 7DrumCity Tent - make your own percussive instruments from household items or bring your own drum and learn some basic drumming skills
  • Costume Corner - Build your own costume and instruments with the DC Public Library
  • Efron the Wizard’s Yo-Yo Workshop
  • Soka Tribe Caribbean Dance Workshop
  • The Dailey Method Yoga Class at Noon on the Field
  • DCPL Children’s Librarians on-hand with funky musical picture books to checkout 


DC Public Library will be collecting supplies for instrument building and costume building.  We are accepting donations from the community for the items listed below.  Donations can be dropped off at the Shaw Public Library or you can bring them to Harrison Rec the day of.

  • For building Marakas, Tin Can Balloon Drums, Bottle Cap Castanets, and Paper Plate Tambourines we will need:

    • Toilet paper tubes, small plastic bottles (12oz/16oz), Electric Tape, Small Objects (Beans, Rice, paper clips, uncooked macaroni), tin cans, balloons, rubber bands, bottle caps, cardboard, tacky glue, acrylic paint, googly eyes, paper plates, staplers, duct tape, streamers, markers, glitter and more stuff to decorate.

  • For building Funk Parade Future Funk Costumes:

    • Cardboard boxes, rubber bands, duct tape, string, scissors, aluminum foil, paint, glitter, old fabric, and anything else decorative.