WASHINGTON D.C. [April 18, 2017] Funk Parade is Saturday May 6 - and this year it's bringing the future with it.


Honoring the 2017 theme of Future Funk, this year’s attendees will also get to experience 3D projection art above the city streets, a virtual reality laboratory, a Future Funk Costume Army, an Intergalactic Inter-generation Station and so much more.

Sound overwhelming?  A new app, designed from the ground up by a volunteer team at Deloitte Digital, should help.  The app (for iPhone and Android) will help festival-goers figure out who is playing where and when and allow them to listen to the music of local artists before the festival. The app is due to be released in the next week.

"The future of this city is creative, it's inclusive, it's innovative," said event co-founder Justin Rood. "Funk Parade celebrates not only what this city has been, but what it can be if we come together."

The Festival will feature activations including:

And more, to be announced in the next week along with the individual stage and venue lineups.  

“Music festivals across the country have become sterile, corporate and repetitive.  The flavor and the feel of each of these locations and meaningful interactions and connections made between concert goers has been lost,” says Chris Naoum, founder of Listen Local First and co-founder of Funk Parade.  

Funk Parade is a wholly unique experience, Naoum said -- collaboratively planned, funded and executed by over 200 local businesses, community groups, programming partners, art collaboratives and more.  “Funk Parade connects people, musicians and art from across all eight wards of this city, in a neighborhood that’s synonymous with DC’s musical heritage. It builds a bond between festival goers, the artists and the city.”

The 2017 Festival will feature 20 different stages with over 100 musicians and dance performances in a ten hour period.  The Day Fair happens from 12:00 - 7:00pm, The Parade from 3:00pm - 4:00pm and the evening part of the Music Festival from 7:00pm - Late Night.

Attendees can expect amazing performances from Backyard Band, Sinkane, Pebble and Pearl, UCB to Alex Vaughn, from talented upstarts like D’Jon to staple Funkateers like Clones of Funk.  

At the core of this year’s event is the annual Funk Parade, a community procession from the historic Howard Theatre to the historic Lincoln Theater.  If you have great costume idea, tell all of your friends, make them join you,  and head down to U Street at 3pm. If you have a dusty old trombone, polish it off and bring it out to the festival.  If you want to create a non motorized rolling spaceship or time machine and roll it down the parade route with a battery powered speaker DO IT!  If you have any questions email us at funk@funkparade.com

Finally, the event is always seeking volunteers. Anyone wishing to volunteer for the event can sign up HERE.


Funk Parade is a one-of-a-kind day fair, parade and music festival, celebrating Washington DC's vibrant music and arts, the U Street neighborhood, and the Spirit of Funk that brings us all together. It is produced by All One City, a District-based 501c3, and is organized by an all-volunteer team.

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Have you donated to the 2017 Funk Parade Fan Fundraising Campaign? All funds go directly to the cost of producing this year’s event: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/funk-parade/x/15995268

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