Photo by John Sonderman

Photo by John Sonderman

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Huge Thanks to all of the attendees, local music fans, DC Lovers, artists, local businesses, community stakeholder and sponsors who made Funk Parade 2017 a success.  This event succeeds year after year because of your support and desire to come out and spend a day dancing and singing with friends and strangers.  

For a little #TBT feel free to check out some of the amazing photos, stories and videos our community members and volunteers shot during the day last Saturday.

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Additional Fun Stories Write Ups and Photos

Some Funky Videos (If you've got more please let us know)

The Future of Funk and Giving

This year was a turning point for the festival.  You all showed us that even in the rain and cold the community is going to come out for the Funk!  That means planning for 2018 starts now!  Making sure we can raise enough funds to keep Funk Parade Free and oOpen to everyone also starts now.  There is no better time.  

If you helped out and donated during the year and at the festival, thank you!  If you have not had a chance to give a small donation, you are in luck.  We have decided to keep our Community Giving Campaign open for the next couple of months!  If you can make a contribution please do.

If you still want to GIVE -

Future Funk Volunteer

If you loved what you saw and want to get involved early please email us at (subject line VOLUNTEER) and let us know how you want to help!

Future Funk Feedback?

We created a little survey and we would love to have you all fill it out.  Please share your favorite moments with us and let us know how we can make Funk Parade better in the Future!

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