2021 Photo Gallery

2021 Funk Parade Photo Gallery

** Now Accepting Submissions **


We’re dedicating the 2021 Funk Parade Photo Gallery to your best photos of 2020 of the artists, musicians, and creatives that persevered during the pandemic giving select photographers in our region a greater opportunity to shine until our festival returns!


Send the following types of photos to funk@themusicianship.org for your chance to be featured:

  • Musical Performance – Photos captured between Jan 2020 – March 2020 of the last live gigs you had the pleasure of shooting before the pandemic set in.

  • Musical Activism – Photos captured of musicians/artists answering the call to Social Justice. (Ex:  Marches, Protests, Demonstrations, 1st Amendment Speeches, etc.)

  • Musical Perseverance – Photos captured between March 2020 – Dec 2020 of musicians/artists preserving during the pandemic while sharing their art, of all forms, by any means necessary like free outdoor shows, neighborhood gigs, hospital/nursing home pop-ups, musicians playing for first responders, etc.

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