The DC Funk Parade is The MusicianShip’s annual celebration of Washington DC’s iconic U. Street Corridor, also known as, “Black Broadway“! Our creative cultural events feature the music, dance, and visual arts born from the communities inspired by greats like Duke Ellington, Pearl Bailey, Chuck Brown, & Billie Holiday who have inspired millions through music since the early 1900s.


A festival founded by music lovers, for music lovers…Funk Parade presents musical genres such as Go-Go, Pop, Soul, Rock & Rap/Hip-Hop that were born from Jazz but powered by FUNK: the subatomic particle of love that brings us all together!


Join us at the 2022 Funk Parade: ‘The Magic of Music’ & celebrate all things amazing about U. Street’s arts & creative influence as the community fundraises $5K for free music education programs! Let’s honor the MAGIC it took for us to make it out of a global pandemic. Thank You to all of our supporters & sponsors for their help in returning our U. Street music festival!



from The 2022 D.C. Funk Parade Festival! 


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