Funk U Panels

Our 2021 Funk U Panels feature music industry experts and focus on impactful, community-driven topics. Enjoy these free panels Sponsors such as: HumanitiesDC, The DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities & the National Endowment for the Arts!


The People & Social Justice (2021)

“Meet The DMV Music Stakeholders”

  • Aaron Myers – DMV Music Stakeholders Coalition
  • Chris Naoum – Listen Local First
  • Jamie Sandel – CapitalBop
  • Stacey Williams – Jazz Cat Herder


Music, Entertainment & Commerce (2021)

“Where The Money Resides”

  • Bryant “BeMo” Brown – BeMo Productions
  • Ariel Elizabeth Davis – Music Consultant
  • Sandra Basanti – Pie Shop DC
  • Miles Ryan – 7Drum City