Wristbands will be back! We are updating the benefits to purchasing the 2020 Funk Parade Night Festival Wristband and can’t wait to share them with the city!


The 2019 Featured Showcase took place at the Historic Prince Hall Lodge in the evening of May 11th featuring YahZarah & Wes Felton and Michelle Blackwell! In 2020, we will forego producing a featured showcase but instead will add FIVE new venues to the Night Festival!


The DC Department of Funk is excited to announce the addition of the #DontMuteDC Conference. It was energized by the protest against the silencing of Go-Go music and culture in the District. The conference took place at U Street Music Hall on May 11th, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The conference was free and featured musicians, council members, government officials and local activists. The #DontMuteDC Conference touched on four topics:

  • DontMuteDC: The Movement ( A conversation about social justice and the birth of the #DontMuteDC Movement. )

  • DontMuteDC: The Culture ( A conversation about the vehicles by which the #DontMuteDC took shape - music, art, history, expressiveness - and why they are key to DC’s ephemeral fabric. )

  • DontMuteDC: The People ( We All Count: Presented by the DC Office of Planning )

  • DontMuteDC: The Housing ( A conversation about responsible development, affordable housing, and displacement. )